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photo2a Hidden Computer & Camera That Automatically Tells You Where the Ball Will Land …

Point a hidden camera at the wheel, and a computer tells you where the ball will land . . . sound like a fantasy? It’s not. It’s the Hybrid Roulette Computer – by far the most effective roulette prediction device available anywhere, and the most effective way to win at roulette. This is not a roulette system, it is an electronic prediction device. It is no exaggeration to say this technology makes millionaires. Below is a video of the wheel location and ball tracking components of our latest version. Only specific parts of the software are shown to preserve secrets of the technology:

The Hybrid is not available anywhere else. Indeed we do use it ourselves, but there are far too many casinos world-wide for us to apply it in all casinos, which is why we can afford to offer a few of them publicly. Let us make this perfectly clear: the Hybrid not only CAN earn you millions, it is likely to earn you millions. The technology is not to be taken lightly. Additionally, we do not offer it to just anyone – you must meet us personally and meet specific requirements.


SKEPTICAL? See a Personal Demonstration and You’ll See Everything You Can Imagine

conference-frontWe have conducted many demonstrations of our technology to both large and small audiences. This includes the roulette system, and our electronic technology. On most occasions though, group sizes range from 1 to 15 individuals.

Image left: One of our demonstrators exhibiting our Hybrid Roulette Computer. The actual camera for the Hybrid can be miniature and kept close to the wheel, or hidden as far as 50 meters from the wheel. It can even obtain a view of the wheel from ceiling reflections to ensure line-of-sight.

We prefer to keep groups small and personal. Demonstrations to larger audiences are more to establish clear proof of effectiveness with many witnesses, whereas demos to smaller audiences are more for serious players who have intent to purchase our technology. If you are seeing a demonstration with intent to purchase, you are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, and there are other requirements specified on the purchase page.

If you are merely curious, you can attend a larger group demo, although such public demonstrations are censored, and you only see what you need to see to know without a doubt our claims are accurate. For example, at a larger group demo, you will clearly see accuracy rates of 1 in 10-15, but you will not be permitted to inspect the equipment or be privy to information relating to its operation. But if you attend a personal demo with intent to purchase, you will see everything.

Additionally, at any of our demonstrations, you can see other roulette cheating devices – you can test them personally and decide for yourself if competing devices are scams. Most roulette computer devices are scams and only capable of beating old or poorly maintained wheels. At our public demonstrations, you will also see the roulette system which does not use any form of electronics, and is legal throughout the world. It can be applied at some online casinos depending on footage quality, but it is more designed for real casinos. See recommended site for online casino comparisons.

c-comptImage left: demonstration of other cheating devices available. How they work and why they are ineffective.

If you wish to purchase censored video or audio of a public demonstration, or to attend a public or private demonstration, please contact us.


How Effective is the Hybrid?

Once the camera is aimed, the equipment automatically predicts where the ball is most likely to land. The ball and wheel speed is measured automatically, so there is no human error involved, and user skill or fatigue is irrelevant. This enables extremely accurate and early predictions to win, without many manual clicks of a button (as is traditionally done), and without the user needing to even look at the wheel.

Predictions are relayed to one or more players, and if you bet on just one number, you win once about every 10-15 spins, without even needing to look at the wheel. This is an enormous edge over the casino, and it’s completely covert. Accuracy rates vary, but the typical edge is between 40 – 120%.


But is it LEGAL?

Contrary to popular belief, this computer system is actually LEGAL in approximately half of the world’s casinos. This is because most gaming laws state that a player may not force or influence the outcome of spins, but they do not at all state your cannot “predict” spins. This provides Hybrid players with a unique and perfectly legal strategy for earning potentially millions (literally millions). It will not be an opportunity that will last forever though.

But legal or not, of course casinos don’t like you applying such technology to beat roulette. If they find you are using a cheating device, they can and will likely ban you. This is why such cheating devices must be applied covertly.

Purchasers are told exactly where the device is legal as per the latest research. However, purchasers should always do their own research for confirmation.


How Much Does it Cost?

There are different versions of the Hybrid, and many equipment options available. Ultimately the options you choose determines the price. The approximate price range varies between US$25,000 – US$80,000, which is a small price considering your investment can be returned within 24hrs of play (However, realistically you should not win too much too soon – you should win discretely to avoid detection).

To maintain secrets, you need to visit us personally to discuss the full range of options. The pricing is below:

Hybrid V1:

Includes all image recognition equipment, data processors and wireless earpieces. This version requires 3 players, and realistically requires a female team member with a handbag to hold the equipment. The electronics easily fit in the lining of a handbag. The other two players are primarily bettors.

Price: US$25,000 Sold Out
Availability: 10 units for public sale

Hybrid V2:

Includes all image recognition equipment, data processors and wireless earpieces. This version requires only 2 players, but can covertly transmit the prediction to any amount of bettors, although 2 bettors is usually the most you’ll ever need. It is significantly easier to setup and switch between different wheels than the V1 model.

Price: US$75,000 Sold Out
Availability: 10 units for public sale

Hybrid V3:

Includes all image recognition equipment, data processors and wireless earpieces. This version requires only 1 player, but can covertly transmit the prediction to any amount of bettors, although 2 bettors is usually the most you’ll ever need. It is by far the smallest and most covert of all the versions.

Price: US$80,000 available
Availability: 1 remaining unit for public sale

Browse our site and learn more. To acquire our Hybrid, please first Contact Us to schedule a meeting in person with us. You will witness a full demonstration on a real wheel and see full capabilities before purchasing. If you are not interested in electronic devices, learn about the roulette system.

“It’s not a matter of how much you can win, it’s how much you can win without drawing undue attention.”


WARNING: A manipulative individual has created a website that appears almost identical to this site, in attempt to mislead purchasers that his technology is related to ours. He is not affiliated with us. Be very careful when purchasing roulette computer devices as particular sellers are incredibly dishonest. One example is explained at and Roulette Tips & Articles:


37 thoughts on “The Only Automatic Roulette Computer

  1. Ray Aug 13,2014 6:50 pm

    well if it’s that good, you’ve already made billions, why bother selling. lol.

    • Admin Jan 27,2015 12:24 am

      Ray, every day I get emails from people who think they know better. Read the FAQs. Basically there are more casinos than we can play in, so we sell some units at a justified price. It’s not $49.95.

  2. David Sep 18,2014 6:25 pm

    Hi Steve,

    I’m a young lad but have quite a good grasp of the understandings of playing roulette. I am, however, slightly dazed by the system used. I have looked around on the internet trying to digest as much information as possible, could you email me or reply and try to explain to me how it works (I understand the concept and the physics but struggle to understand the whole process.)



    • Admin Jan 27,2015 12:25 am

      If you are in position to purchase a hybrid, then you will see everything you want before buying. But there’s no point to telling people about it if they arent in position to purchase.

  3. Robert Jun 22,2015 8:45 pm

    Hi Steve,

    I have submitted a form re subscription and purchase on the 22/06/15.


    I missed a 0 out of my email add the first time!!
    Apologies I feel like an idiot. Lol

    My girlfriend was a roulette dealer for 10 years, we often play and do ok.

    We are ready to take this to the next level and possibly put a team together.

    We have no children at present and love to travel, so this makes sense to us.

    We have quite a few friends that are smart, and have also been in the business for along time in the past.

    I would very much like to have a chat on the phone with yourself at a convenient time, to get your advice on how to proceed.

    If you could send me a email to let me know your thoughts that would be great.

    Best Regards

  4. casinospieler Aug 5,2015 3:18 pm

    Sicher haben dies Seite auch schon sehr viele deutschsprachige Spieler gefunden. Ich bin über die Vorgehensweise hier sehr skeptisch. Das letzte Wunderding Hybrid V3 soll ja sogar in Online Casinos vom Computer aus funktionieren. Wer es glaubt wird selig.
    Wenn die Verkäufer, welche ja eine Menge Kohle dafür verlangen es wenigstens der Mühe wert gefunden hätten eine Partie von 2-3 Stunden Coup für Coup zu filmen, wo man genau sieht was je Coup das Gerät anzeigt, was dann gesetzt wird und ob gewonnen oder verloren wird. Aber nein, so wird nur hinausposaunt welche tollen Gewinne schon damit gemacht wurden. Gibt wirklich jemand dafür soviel Geld aus?
    Es gibt ein furchtbar schlechtes Video wie drei Typen Millionen gewonnen haben sollen. Das soll ein Kaufargument sein?
    Vielleicht können die das in Amerika wirklich verkaufen, aber so doof ist kein Deutscher.
    Also leibe Verkäufer ein Beweis sollte her, aber nicht nur in großartigen Berichten.


    • Admin Nov 18,2015 2:55 am

      Die Antwort ist einfach. Jeder, der am Kauf interessiert ist, kann eine Demonstration in Person für sich selbst sehen, auf jedem Rad sie wollen. Dann werden alle Zweifel sind verschwunden. Wer ernsthaft über den Kauf und die Feststellung des Sachverhalts werden korrekte Forschung tun, anstatt zu kritisieren auf einem Forum, wenn sie nichts wissen, ist. Einzelheiten zu Demonstrationen finden

  5. Glen Proudfoot Sep 17,2015 8:05 pm

    I am interested in purchasing a computer system. How, when and where would I be able to meet up to view the set up? I assume this is an American system but are there any UK suppliers?

  6. RDalio Nov 17,2015 11:28 pm

    Hey Steve any idea when the V4 will be available?

    • Admin Nov 18,2015 2:57 am

      It is already available but was incorporated into the V3. The technology evolved very quickly and now the main hybrid processor can be on the other side of the world, while the only thing used at the table is a mobile phone or hidden camera. All the video is transmitted outside the casino and if players are physically searched, there is nothing important the casino can confiscate.

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