How To Purchase

We develop the technology for our own application, not to sell it. But there are far more casinos around than our teams can play in, so it is feasible for us to sell some units at a justified price. Only a few units are allocated for public sale, and we do not sell to just anyone.

You can see the technology in person at either a private or public demonstration. For full details of the demonstrations, see

Important points about purchasing a Hybrid:

* Strictly first-come first served basis. We sell only a limited number of units to prevent them becoming too widely used.

* We prefer to sell to individuals we personally meet. It is a large transaction, and we want you to perfectly understand what you are purchasing. We also prefer to know who is using our technology.

Purchase procedure:

The procedure for purchase is: First submit US$1,000 deposit, and sign agreement that you will attend a personal demonstration in which you will witness a demonstration and be personally trained. Live webcam demos are an acceptable alternative, although it is better to personally visit us. If the demonstration’s results are inconsistent with our claims, the deposit is fully refunded. Otherwise the balance of $79,000 is paid and you receive all equipment. The meeting is conducted over approximately 4-6 hours in which you are trained, although you of course receive unlimited support at any later stage.

The deposit is non-refundable because it excludes others from purchasing and takes a lot of my time. The exception is if the Hybrid doesn’t perform as stated in the demonstration. So basically either the hybrid does exactly what I say it does and you purchase, or it doesn’t and you’ve lost nothing.

Contact us for any questions or to arrange a purchase / demonstration

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