How to use a roulette simulator to improve your roulette skills

Professional roulette systems are both skill and knowledge. Firstly, need the knowledge to understand what you’re doing. And secondly, you need skill to execute a system correctly.

The remaining parts to being a successful player. But this article specifically focuses on how to use roulette simulators to improve your skills.

The difference between simulators

There is no shortage of roulette simulators and software to test your system. But there are a few particular types of simulators to be aware of.

RNG on your local machine

Every home computer is capable of generating random numbers. The degree of randomness only depends on how good the software is algorithm is. The vast majority of modern random number generators comprise of software with an algorithm, and the clock on your computer. The specific time at the request of a random number, and the algorithm are used together to formulate the game result. The same thing happens with online casinos that use random number generators, although you have no access to the physical machine, the algorithm, and the exact time at which results are generated.

Very rarely do online casinos use true random number generators, which use a physical mechanism to determine game results. For example, they may use ambient radiation from space to determine random results. If they are created correctly, and there is no fault in the hardware, then they are widely regarded as the most random results. But as with most manufactured items, they can develop imperfections that can be exploited. From this perspective, pseudorandom number generators are the preferred option, because the results are always dependable from the perspective of the casino. If online casinos used to random number generators, they would need to constantly audit the results, and the integrity of their hardware. And it would be possible that smart players discover anomalies, and exploit them before the casino notices.

RNG from a remote server

This type of RNG is what you would encounter with almost all online casinos. There are many pages explaining how online casinos generate game results. This one explains more about available roulette simulators.

Naturally the RNG used by online casinos are subject to much higher standards of testing. There are a variety of standard tests to ensure game results are indeed unpredictable for players. The rights to use casino-standard random number generators typically costs around $100,000. It’s quite the expensive software. However, you can purchase consumer grade random number generators for just a few dollars. Many are completely free. Are they really different? Absolutely. In fact some of the consumer grade random number generators are incredibly easy to predict and exploit. Thus they should never be used for real gambling, or even testing roulette systems. To do so would undoubtedly give unrealistic results.

Imported real results

Some software allows you to import real results from real casinos, so you can be sure you are testing against real data. This sounds ideal, but the problem is every wheel has its own unique patterns. You may have 100,000 spins from a particular wheel, but even then its physical properties would have changed over time. It would have been taken from the gaming floor many times, refurbished, and put back into service. Furthermore, the same wheel could have been moved many times throughout its lifetime. So the reality is importing spins is not a good way to test a roulette system. The exception is if you are sure the wheel has not changed, and at least has common variables.

Practicing advantage play skills

There are a handful of roulette simulators that allow you to develop advantage play skills. You can set variables such as rotor speed, all release speed, and deceleration rates. The idea is you can simulate any kind of casino conditions, and test roulette computer or even visual ballistics. Such simulators are not designed to test the accuracy of your techniques. They are purely for you to develop skills, such as timing the rotor and ball speeds. This is known as clocking.

The alternative is having a broad range of recorded spins, which have been obtained from real casino conditions. Interruption has its own merits, depending on what you are trying to achieve. The added benefit of using recorded spins from real casinos is that you can also determine the accuracy of predictions. However, you realistically need a few hundred spins to properly evaluate accuracy. Although in real play situations, in real casinos, and edge can be quite obvious even after 30 also spins if you are using a roulette computer.

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