Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What if casinos stop allowing bets after the ball is released? Will I have wasted my money?

Even casinos that are aware of roulette computers very rarely disallow bets after ball release. This is because permitting bets after ball release speeds up the game, and takes advantage of compulsive gamblers who make last second bets. In a busy casino, the difference between allowing or disallowing bets after ball release is often over a million of dollars every day. Yes permitting bets after ball release exposes casinos to roulette computer teams, but the casino has a lot more to earn by permitting late bets than they have to potentially lose from roulette computer teams. This means that rather than simply cease allowing bets after the spin, casinos are far more likely to rely on detection of casino cheats, although the Hybrid is virtually impossible for casino staff to detect.

Q2. Another roulette computer or system seller said your roulette computers are ineffective. What can you say about this?

The Internet is full of dishonest sellers. You only need to visit us personally for a demo, or see a live demo via webcam. Then you will be left with no doubt the Hybrid is as we claim.

Q3. Why would you sell this technology?

It’s not as if we are not getting a fair price for the sale of the technology. Additionally, there are just too many casinos where application is legal and practical, so we cannot possibly apply our technology in all casinos.

Q4. What if I find I cannot obtain constant clear line of sight in my casino?

You don’t “need” constant line of sight – it is only the ideal situation. The hybrid can either be used with a hidden bodyworn camera, or via a remote camera hidden elsewhere. To obtain a prediction, the camera only needs to see the ball and green zero for about 2 seconds. Additionally, although it isn’t needed, the hybrid can utilize relections from higher objects if line of sight is not normally possible.

Q5. Can I purchase a Hybrid without visiting you personally?

No, unless we already know you well enough. We want to know exactly who we receives our technology, and we will not approve applications to purchase if we do not feel confident you will abide by the purchase contracts (such as non-disclosure agreements). To purchase, you must visit us in person. After all, if you are going to spend US$25,000 – $100,000, you should know exactly what you are purchasing, so it is also in your best interests to visit us personally. However, there are circumstances where we would accept demonstrating to you using live webcam. If a demo via webcam is done, you are able to clearly see the software interface of the Hybrid.

Q6. What can I expect at a personal demonstration?

You will see a full demonstration on a real wheel over as many spins as we can fit in a day, plus anything else you want to see. You are welcome to bring your own wheel.

Q7. Can you teach me How to Win at Roulette without electronic devices?

The roulette strategy explained at¬†does not require any form of electronics. You don’t need electronics to beat the casino, although cheating devices are quicker to use, and more effective.