Beat roulette with the World’s most sophisticated and accurate electronic prediction device.

  • The Hybrid processor doesn’t need to be in or anywhere near the casino. All you need at the table is small hidden cameras that transmit the video outside the casino to the processor. So if you are ever searched, nothing important can be confiscated. The cameras are easily replaced. The cameras are integrated into ordinary objects so even if you were physically searched, you can expect casino staff wont even recognize the camera for what it is.
  • Automatically notifies players where to aim camera: You don’t need to see what the camera sees. Just aim in the general direction of the wheel, and the hybrid automatically tells you where to aim. The camera can also be aimed remotely by another player outside the casino (even from another country while sitting at home)
  • Virtually completely automated: Once the camera is aimed at the wheel, the operator only needs to click a button once to generate a prediction. The players don’t even need to look at the wheel, so are not suspected of using an electronic device.
  • Precise timings free of human errors: The mechanism that determines the location of the wheel rotor and ball are accurate to within 5-10mm (depending on optional image recognition engine).
  • Only half of a wheel rotor revolution, and one ball revolution required for prediction: The hybrid computer can make predictions in as little as 2 seconds. This means predictions can be made almost immediately after the ball is released.
  • Easy setup for new wheels: It takes an experienced team about 2 minutes to set up for a completely new wheel.
  • Ability to swap team members instantly: a different person winning every time dramatically reduces suspicion.
  • No visible signs of roulette computer use: it is almost impossible for casinos to know you are using the Hybrid computer. Even if they physically search a winning player, they will not find anything even if they fully disassemble every item in the player’s pockets. You will beat the casino completely covertly.
  • Features to deal with line of sight interruptions: The camera only needs a very short time of clear line of sight to make each prediction. The computer automatically knows when a line of sight interruption occurs. The user wearing the hidden camera does not need to aim it as the wheel’s location is automatically tracked.

There are many other features and capabilities that sincerely need to be seen to be believed. Remember if you’re a serious purchaser, you don’t need to be skeptical. Simply visit us for a personal demo and you’ll see everything you can imagine before purchasing. You will be left in no doubt about what you are paying for. Contact us to arrange a personal demonstration and see all features.