The videos on this page give you an idea of what the technology does, but the videos deliberately only show parts as to preserve secrets of the technology. There have been three different versions of the technology, and we’ve provided a sample video of each.

Video 1: Hybrid Version 1

This was our earliest version developed many years ago. This video demonstrates the ball detection component, which is the most important part.

Video 2: Hybrid Version 2

This is a video of the Version 2 Hybrid. The green box tracks the green zero pocket, the blue box tracks a fixed reference point, and the white box tracks the ball.

The actual video footage seen by the Hybrid is a much higher frame rate, although it is not compatible with most PCs so this video’s frame rate has been reduced.

Video 3: Hybrid Version 3

This is an older version of the Hybrid. The video is part of testing we did in development.

Video 4: Basic Demo With Hidden Body-worn Camera

The Hybrid is designed for real casino conditions. This is a basic demo with a typical view from a body-worn camera. If you visit us for a private demo, you can see real video from inside casinos too.

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